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It's The Stuff No One Wants To Talk About...
There's a secret side to building your online business.  It's the underbelly, the stuff no one wants to talk about because it sucks, it gets ugly, and yet....

...We've all been there.

When we put a price tag on our talents and abilities, when we let people see who we really are, when fear shows up daily, we get to decide if this is all worth it. We get to decide if we will stretch and grow to succeed on this path, or if our path is something entirely different.

You are not alone.

It's through our pain that we get to expand into the highest version of who we are. I call this Soul Stretching™.

This Is For You If...
  • If you're working with clients but you feel anxious, depressed, frustrated, stuck, overworked and under-appreciated.
  • You struggle to feel your wins because you're so fixated on when the next shoe will drop or when the next problem will pop up.
  • You're "happy" for the success of others, but you end up feeling worse about yourself because you're just not where you want to be (yet).
  • You're a people-pleaser and making yourself a priority has always been a challenge.
  • You are completely committed to showing up in a BIGGER way to serve your clients, and you KNOW the work you do is transformational and changes lives.
  • If you are 100% committed to having financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical FREEDOM.
  • If you're willing to dig into the messy, vulnerable places that need to heal so you can lift yourself to the next level in your life and business.
  • If you're willing to drop all the reasons why you CAN'T be successful, letting go of all excuses and your self-limiting story for good.
  • If you're ready to receive support, coaching, money, clients, and success.
  • If you are open to SURRENDERING to a new way, something that may get messy and uncomfortable, but that will lead to FREEDOM and EASE once you've passed through it.
What Clients Are Saying...

"You've helped me to integrate my head with my heart - bringing myself back into true alignment, exposing my deepest truths and allowing an understanding and acceptance of myself on a level I have never experienced before. I feel more at peace with myself than I ever have. I have expanded in ways I never knew I could and I can see myself sitting on the edge of a huge, exciting precipes, ready to willing jump off into the unknown - it's no longer scary, just hugely exciting, exhilarating and full of possibilities! My world has expanded and feels limitless now."

- Sally

"Amanda profoundly changed my perspective on life and biz.  Her intuitive gifts spot on…even before sharing my deepest dream of serving others she knew it.  She helped me change my self limiting beliefs in only a few weeks.  Made me feel like I was not only in my frustrations.  Over a short time span we have grown so much closer than I thought.  I appreciate your presence in my life as my coach and friend.  You inspire me as a mom and biz owner…and remind me constantly that I’m enough and that I can do this."


"Working with Amanda is absolutely a transformative experience. I was immediately at ease with her style and personality. As a new entrepreneur I knew I needed guidance from someone who would understand me as a person and not only think about the business side of things.

I can honestly tell you, Amanda focused on not only my success as a business owner but also my spiritual success and happiness. During our coaching I was able to find the answers about major life transitions that had been weighing heavily on my mind and totally paralyzing me from moving forward in both my business and my personal life.

Sessions with her will leave you with pages of notes (if you are a note taker like me,) clarity and a feeling a lightness that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough."

What Will You Get Out Of This?
  • Gain powerful and life changing perspective when it comes to the challenges you experience so they no longer have power over you.
  • Learn how you can become more responsive vs. reactive in day to day life.
  • Feel LIGHTER so you can get out of your own way.
  • Take care of YOU so you can take care of others in a deeper way.
  • Heal traumatic past experiences and rewrite the past to better support your mission and the vision you have for your life.
  • Have improved and more fulfilling relationships with everyone in your life.
  • Make a bigger IMPACT and reach more people so you can be a part of raising consciousness and the vibration of the planet.
  • Experience TRUE FREEDOM....away from guilt, your past, limiting beliefs, and EMBRACE freedom of mind, emotional freedom, financial freedom, and freedom to LOVE YOURSELF no matter what your outer circumstance are.
  • Feel fulfilled, purposeful in all you do, and at peace with all parts of your life, including success and "failures". 
In Our 4 Months Together, We Will Discuss...

Raising Your Vibration

When you’re trying to think positive thoughts and THINK your way to success, you push it away.  Positive VIBRATING on the other hand actually works.  In this module we look at what is working, what isn’t working, and releasing the vibrations that don’t support you or your growth. 

Your Authentic Voice

We are groomed from BIRTH to behave in acceptable ways, to be “good” or “behave”.  Parents are applauded when their children do what they’re told.  We learn to identify as being good, bad, and we attach ourselves to how things “should” be.  This module is about honoring that Authentic voice within you.  It’s about being willing to ask hard questions, look at what you’re resisting, and give yourself permission to let go of all the rules, regulations, and public opinion about your authentic self.

Making Peace With Your Pain

This module is a journey of loving reality as it is.  We look at the beauty and necessity of duality, the rhythms and season of life.  Making peace with your pain is stepping back to look at the whole, and understand there are things at play we cannot see and therefore cannot judge.  We realize our pain comes not from the events or people themselves…but from our decisions about them. As we embrace our pain, see the joy in it, we also see that there are no new emotions. 

Living The Agenda of Your Soul

You will see that your PURPOSE is what you say it is.  It’s not something we HAVE to do, it’s something we choose to do.  This understanding will end the search, the quest, and mystery behind your purpose.  It’s not a secret….it is a proclamation.  It’s not something to be discovered, your purpose lives in each moment.  THIS moment.

Mindset Mastery & Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

We can want success until we turn blue…but if you have subconscious, limiting beliefs, they will override all the outer work you do.  This is where we dive in with coaching, healing work, and release the old beliefs that have been keeping you stuck.

Mastering Relationships

Relationships are the most accurate reflection and mirror of ourselves.  They provide an opportunity to see places within ourselves that are asking for love and healing.  We are not here to sacrifice and suffer, but to love ourselves…and doing so is an act of love toward others and to God/Source/Light/Multi-verse, and so on.  Love is a decision and a reflection of what is happening within.  We will discuss relationships and their purpose in our Soul growth, as well as forgiveness and the MYTH of forgiveness.

Embrace Being Wealthy AND Spiritual & Master Your Relationship With Money

Learn the psychology of the wealthy, the energy of money and that you DO deserve to experience wealth.  Not only is it your BIRTHRIGHT, but it’s your responsibility.  I believe the fastest way to Soul growth is through running your own business.  You will confront every shadow you have, every unhealed emotion that is trapped in your body.  Money is a direct reflection of your belief of your own value, and I help you use money to fast track this process so you will LEAP financially, professionally, and Spiritually.

Pleasure, Presence, & Profits

Pleasure is a critical part of receiving the JOY you deserve.  When you open yourself to experience pleasure and enjoy it in the moment, it supports your Soul in mastering Presence.  When you have strength in Presence, you are no longer monitoring every thought that comes into your mind…you are BEING the highest version of yourself.  When you stand in the highest version of yourself and are open to receive, PROFITS are sure to come.
Soul Stretching is about HEALING the shadow parts of you that become exposed when building your business.  You get to see the parts of you that are stuck in the past and holding you back from the success and FREEDOM you desire.

What You Are Going To Get...
  • 4 months of One-to-One Coaching with Amanda. (valued at $12,000)
  • 12 Sessions via Zoom Video Conferencing for 60 minutes each; recorded and sent to you afterward.
  • Energy healing performed on you after each call (valued at $2000)
  • Unlimited email & Facebook Messenger access to Amanda between sessions. (valued at $1000)
  • Be a featured Expert in my private Facebook group 'Soul-Centered Entrepreneur'. (valued at how much moolah you make from people seeing your promo- could be thousand$)
  • Get 1 BONUS Call to use within 30 days after the program to get support beyond our 4 months together. (valued at $1000)
Total Value for 4 months with 1 bonus call = $16,000

Your Investment Today = $8,000

Need payments?  Let's work it out.
Here's What You Do Next...
Click the button below to schedule your call with Amanda.
Fill out the questions completely to apply for Soul Stretching™.
If you are a good fit, Amanda will invite you personally to enroll in the Soul Stretching™ VIP 1:1 Coaching Program.
This is price is limited to 3 women.  If this speaks to you, LET'S TALK.

"What a blessing to have had the opportunity to receive coaching with Amanda! For quite a while, I had wanted to work with her to expand myself and business as a Mama emPOWERment coach. When the right opportunity arose at the right time, I jumped on it. And the experience was incredible. Not only did Amanda live up to all of my expectations, but she went well above and beyond. She knew exactly what I needed and ensured that I was provided with the right tools and guidance for my needs. No cookie cutter formula here. As needed, she changed direction, to flow with my needs, ensuring that I learned exactly what I needed to, when I needed it.

Thanks to Amanda’s incredible work, my business went from an idea, into complete fruition, and in short time.
I am grateful and appreciative for having this perfect coaching experience. Amanda is a true gem and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their business and soul selves.  Thank you, Amanda, for helping lead me to my success!"


"The coaching I received from Amanda opened my eyes to my personal self sabotage behaviors, and enabled me to step up and stand up for myself.  Amanda created a safe and supported space, and encouraged me to re-establish boundaries to help me gain better balance in my life.  With Amanda’s support I was able to shift from overwhelmed and uncertain, to calm and certain.  Thank you Amanda!"

  Meet Amanda

Hello Lover...

I’m Amanda, the creator of ‘Soul Stretching™’.  I am a Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Healer and Business Alignment Coach.  I help Coaches, Visionaries, and Leaders Create IMPACT, Live Their PURPOSE, and Surrender to the Agenda of Their SOUL.

I am a mama of two toddlers and a teenage stepson, I love to read, dance, have FUN, and travel around the world.  I plan to live on the beaches of Costa Rica in the near future.

I was a Massage Therapist and energy healer for 17 years, trained and certified as a Colon-Hydrotherapist, Holistic Health Coach, and Life Coach. I practice Muscle Testing, Quantum Touch, magnet therapy, Ho’oponopono, and Tapping. I am currently working toward a Doctor of Divinity and Ph.D. from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in metaphysical counseling.

"You have given me things I was begging for a month ago. A month ago I was praying for someone like you to show me how to get to where I needed to be….I needed a miracle! I have no support in my business financially its just lil ol me…I have learned crafted and am climbing slowly, my way to the top and I could never be here right now today without YOU! Your time and value that you have given is priceless…I didn’t know then that the person the fates would sent me was you…but it was you and I cherish you and so I lift you up with deepest gratitude."

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